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Spun Out!

Written by Anton Ballard, Felicity Bolitho
Spun Out! TV script - Ep 1


Caught in a cosmic event, an Australian women's cricket team gets thrown back in time to 1973. Forced to fight for equal rights as female cricketers they go on to win the one day final against the men against all odds and save the universe!

TV pilot  |  sci-fi comedy drama  |  41 pages


"The concept of a team of top class female cricketers being transported back to 1970s Australia was intriguing. If a television network doesn't pick this up and run with a limited season, then they are missing out on a sure thing. Playing with the disconnect between modern women and 1970s attitudes to women in sport is incredibly timely, and has never been more important."

Kirsten McKenzie

Hybrid Genre Judge 2022

Semi Finalist_Spun Out San Francisco.PNG
Honorable Mention HybridGenre March 2022
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