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Collection of Trophies

Script Successes

Want to know what people think about Altazaire Film scripts? Check out below to see how our stories have resonated with judges around the globe, winning acclaim from Melbourne and Sydney in Australia to London, L.A,  Rome, Calcutta, Paris and Nice.


Watch this space

More news coming soon...


Watch this space

More news coming soon...



The magnificent space drama IKARIUS has shot out of the blocks winning its first TWO competitions.  This week landing Best TV Pilot at the IMDb approved Paper Screenplay Awards. Incredible happiness here. What a great way to start 2024!  


Ikarius Flies High!

The stable's newest script by Anton called IKARIUS has launched immediately to winner status at its first outing., being awarded Best TV Pilot Script with the Future of Films  Awards. Brilliant.


Prestigious industry acknowledgement for Hello Cello

We've been focussing on sharing our scripts with producers over the past few months and not entering comps. However, we did enter the Australian Writers Guild's prestigious Monte Miller Awards and we are delighted to share that HELLO CELLO has been long listed! To be selected amongst the best screenwriters in Australia is an incredible joy. Thanks judges! 


Space Drama Alert

introducing our newest script - IKARIUS. 

Logline: - An unidentified spaceman’s bizarre and deadly fall from an orbiting space station into the roof of a suburban house is steeped in mystery. Pursuing answers, two intrepid military police gradually uncover a deep and sinister truth.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more!


Hello Cello entered in the Monte Miller Awards

HELLO CELLO has been submitted to the Australian Writers Guild's prestigious Monte Miller Awards we're hoping judges love Boyd and Co as much as we do.

Logo idea 4.jpg

Path to Success

There's a bit going on here at Altazaire Films, we have a couple of requests for scripts - SPUN OUT! and THE ROAD AHEAD the subjects of current interest. All our fingers are crossed that they might be finding a home!


The Damned in New York

Its an exciting beginning for Anton's  new short script SCREENED OF THE DAMNED which has just received its first sparkling laurel as a quarter finalist in the New York International Screenplay Awards! Hot Damn!

NOMINEE3_MAGMAFilmFest_The Damned_Apr2023.PNG

It's MAGMA-nificent!

SPUN OUT! has achieved a new first, taking out a trio of nominations at the MAGMA Film Awards! Best original concept, Best Screenplay action, sci-fi or fantasy, and Best Series or Pilot episode.


Path to Success

THE ROAD AHEAD is having a stellar start to the year picking up its fourth competitions selection for 2023.  This time the cops and robbers romp has stepped up as a first round finalist for Best Screenplay with the Melbourne Cineverse .  Let's see what the Road has instore for us here!


Nominee in Rome!

The prestigious Film Festival of Rome, the Prisma Independent Film Awards has  seen THE ROAD AHEAD rise through the January competition to the final three declared a Nominee for Best Feature Screenplay. Excellent!

FINALIST_BestScreewriting_Prisma_CRoad Ahead_Jan2023.png

The Road Ahead is bright!...

THE ROAD AHEAD has made the second cut in Rome at the Prisma Independent Film Awards and is now a Finalist for the Best Feature Screenplay comp. Excellent!


Well, hello cello!

Following the semi-finalist announcement in December, HELLO CELLO has been selected winner Best Screenwriting at the Sydney Indie Short Festival.   We must say Felicity's pretty darn pleased about it too. Thank you judges!


Happy New Year!

What a way to start the year - announced on 1 January 2023, we are super pumped to see SPUN OUT! take podium spot for Best TV Pilot Comedy at the inaugural Australasian Screenplay Competition. We think this augers well for the year ahead!


Merry Christmas!

What a gift, the action-packed SPUN OUT! has been nominated for the Annual Festival at Jaipur International Film Festival.  Final announcement will be on 1 January 2023. We're hoping for a happy new year with this one.


Spun Out! Steps Up

Fantastic to see SPUN OUT! advance to Semi-Finalist at this year's Australasian Screenplay Competition.  Final announcement will be on 1 January 2023....


Judges in a spin

DREAMCATCHERS makes its way to the Top 100 compelling scripts at the Page Turner Screenplay competition. What happens to Audrey and her brother Baxter? We only need a producer to take this on so you can find out!


Finalist on Hometurf!

Exciting to see SPUN OUT! selected as a quarter-finalist at the new Australasian Screenplay Competition - we hope judges continue to like this fab Melbourne/Sydney based story!


Driving to success!

Straight out of the blocks and into an awarded position! Anton's exciting new script THE ROAD AHEAD has been awarded Honorable Mention at the Future of Film Awards.  We see this script travelling far!


"TV-ready and fun"

Over the wonderful story of Spun Out! Judges at Paperscreenplay progressed the script to a final round nomination in Season Four 2022.  A judge calling the story "Bombastic, TV ready and fun." 

We at Altazaire wholeheartedly agree!

SEMI FINALIST - Brisbane Indie Film Fest

Embagoed story about to break

SPUN OUT! has been successful in securing a semi-finalist position at the Brisbane Indie Film Festival this month. Go the Chiko Chargers!


Dreams of success!

DREAMCATCHERS has joined Hello Cello at the Sydney Indie Short Festival in its Summer 2022 competition - securing a semi-finalist place. So exciting!


Hello Cello strikes a chord

Delighted to see HELLO CELLO nominated as a semi-finalist at the Sydney Indie Short Festival's Summer competition 2022.  Being one of the final competitors is music to our ears.

Semi Finalist_ParisIntShortFestival_Hello Cello_Dec2022_edited.png

Speaking of Paris...

While Audrey is stepping out at the Paris Women Festival, our lead man Boyd  in HELLO CELLO has been selected a semi-finalist in this month's Paris International Short Festival. 


The female gaze

Audrey has caught the eye of judges in DREAMCATCHERS at the Paris Women Festival as an interesting and strong female lead securing a semi-finalist position.  We know what more she is capable of, so hoping this is a script that catches a producer's eye too!


Monthly winner to annual nomination

Exciting to hear that HELLO CELLO has jumped from monthly finalist to a nominee for the annual award for Best Feature Screenplay 2022 at Changing Face.International Film Festival. Can Boyd make it to the grand winner's podium here?!


A double in ...

HELLO CELLO joins Spun Out as a semi-finalist at Melbourne's Independent Film Festival. we're super happy it has hit the right note with judges here too.


our home town!

SPUN OUT! has been recognised in our hometown, a semi-finalist placement at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival, we're glad judges like our time-travelling romp through the City!


Road Ahead Looks Bright!

What a wonderful moment! Anton's new script THE ROAD AHEAD has been awarded Outstanding Achievement Award at its very first outing. We're super proud  to see its inaugural accolade at the Black Swan International Film Festival.

WINNER - Close Film Festival - Dreamcatchers_Nov2022.png

Close to tears of happiness

We are super proud to have DREAMCATCHERS win at the Close Film Festival for Best Screenplay in October 2022. What a thrill  that judges think Audrey is good up-close-and-personal too!

Honorable Mention_Golden Giraffe_Dream_Oct22.png

Dreams of honour

There is nothing we like more than a golden laurel, especially when it says that  DREAMCATCHERS  has been awarded an Honorable Mention at the Golden Giraffe International Film Festival,  Dreams about giraffes are good luck!

SemiFinalist-LondonIndieShortFestival-HelloCello_ November2022.png

Hello Cello success in the Ol' Dart

Boyd has made his way to London! HELLO CELLO is a semi-finalist at the London Indie Short Festival making it accolade number nine for the  classical script based in Melbourne Australia. Thank you judges!


Smashing the Competition

We are particularly proud to have DREAMCATCHERS win at the First Women Film Festival in Iran this month. A Festival where all projects accepted must relate to women's suffering and women's rights. Audrey definitely taking the lead in this script!

Official Selection_GoldenGiraffeIFF_Dreamcatchers_Sept22.png

A golden opportunity

This stunning laurel has been shared with us as DREAMCATCHERS is officially selected at the Golden Giraffe International Film Festival,   Dreams about giraffes means good luck don't they? Here's hoping judges find Audrey's story totally dreamy.

Nominee White_BTCIFF_HelloCello_Sep22.png

The wandering cellist a nominee in Paris!

Excitement is building as HELLO CELLO progresses the final three at  the French festival  Beyond the Curve Film Festival,.  It is only a matter of days before we will learn if Boyd takes out the gold!


Far out!  A quinella at Oasis

Yes it's all winners here at Altazaire and SPUN OUT! joins Wish on the winners podium in the 9th Oasis International Film Festival.  Our fast-bowling cricketers have knocked 'em for six!


Wish hits the spot

What a day for the script writing team here at Altazaire.  WISH announced as winner at the Oasis International Film Festival in the festival's 9th season.  Wish has taken the script-writing category's 'Outstanding Achievement Award'. Well done Anton!


It's offical in Paris

What a dream!  HELLO CELLO has been officially selected at  the Beyond the Curve Film Festival, in one of our favourite cities.  We can't wait to see how far the wandering cellist can go in Paris! 

Official Selection_OasisIFF_SpunOut_Aug2022.jpg

YES, you are seeing double

Our first duo selection at a festival as SPUN OUT! joins Wish at the Oasis International Film Festival in the shining jewel of India - Jaisalmer!

Official Selection_OasisIFF_Wish_Aug2022.jpg

Oasis proves to be just the ticket

Absolute delight here as WISH is Officially Selected at the Oasis International Film Festival this month.  No need to wish the script well, we know it will charm the judges all the way!

Official Selection_Best Script Award_HelloCello_Aug22.png

Hello Cello selected in the UK

So proud that HELLO CELLO has been officially selected one of 70 for London's Best Script Award from the 378 submissions to Summer 2022

Semi Finalist_Spun Out San Francisco.PNG

We have a fan in San Fran

SPUN OUT!  hits for six, progressing at the San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival.  Winners announced later this month..


Thrilling and Chilling

DREAMCATCHERS has blown us away talking out first place at this bi-monthly Thrills and Chills Film Awards for Best Unproduced Script (TV short). This story giving the judges goosebumps, in a good way.

Winner_Golden Lemur_Aug2022.jpg

Golden Success

An exciting win in Lisbon, Portugal where our sci-fi TV  script DREAMCATCHERS took out a win at the Golden  Lemur International Film Festival, what a great start to August 2022!


A winner in LA

Are we dreaming? DREAMCATCHERS has just been selected as a winner at the LA Film Awards July 2022,  securing a Special Jury Award.  Thank you judges!


Rising Star in LA

DREAMCATCHERS takes another step up at the LA Film Awards this month. - and then there were 30.  Next update coming soon!


Dreamcatchers Selected

Selected in LA at the LA Independent Women Film Awards, DREAMCATCHERS secured a Nominee place finishing in the final three.  Awesome!


Final three for Hello Cello

Brilliant news that HELLO CELLO was one of the final three for Best Feature Screenplay in the Prisma Independent Film Awards in Italy. A great placing for the Aussie cellist Boyd and his friends (so close!).

1st Monthly Film Festival_2022_black.jpg

Dreamcatchers a winner

Our dream-reading protagonist in DREAMCATCHERS has also caught attention at the 1st Monthly Film Festival this month being awarded a Winner TV Pilot. Well done Audrey.


Dreamcatchers final five!

Taking out one of five Finalist places, DREAMCATCHERS outstripped "several hundred" scripts to gain Finalist selection at the second annual Plot Point International Screenwriting Awards.  Find us on the Winners page!


Window of Opportunity

The quarterly awards at the Open Window International Film Challenge  - Edition XIV has announced HELLO CELLO the Best Drama Screenplay.   It is certainly music to our ears.


Dreamcatchers in LA

The DREAMCATCHERS pilot has been selected and gone on to become a Quarter Finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards, next round announced at the end of July. We're dreaming of a good result!

Changing Face_2022_black.jpg

Hello Cello recognised in Oz

Our cello playing protagonist has gained another fan, taking out a Finalist position at the Changing Face IFF in Sydney, Australia this month.  We will learn in November 2022 if HELLO CELLO will progress to the Annual Awards.


Spun Out! grabs from page one

We all know how important the first 10 pages of any script are. TV Pilot  SPUN OUT!  made its way on to the short list in London Scriptwriting Comp's most recent  May awards. Contact us if you want to read the first action-packed 10 pages too!


Hello Cello selected on debut

The feature length drama HELLO CELLO, just starting its competition campaign, was selected for the prestigious Prisma Independent Film Awards this month.  We hope it can leap out of the blocks and gain a win too!

Cult Critic Movie Awards_2022.jpg

Dreamcatchers loved by judges

This fantastical story of a young woman with extraordinary dream -catching skills went straight to Monthly Winner in the May 2022 Cult Critic Movie Awards. DREAMCATCHERS is now in the running for the Annual Awards to be announced in January 2023.


Wish in top 5%

Delighted to see the WISH feature script taken to the next level and picked as a finalist at the Vesuvius International Film Festival this month.  Wishes do come true!


Spun Out! Wins  in Calcutta

Our action-packed, female -centre time-traveller TV pilot has made it's way to the winner's podium at the CCIFF this month.  SPUN OUT! is now in the running for the annual award to be announced early in 2023.


Spun Out!! loved by judges

Selected in the Top 100 , the SPUN OUT! TV pilot catches attention at  the Colortape International Film Festival.


Spun Out! Lands its first accolade in Melbourne

Fantastic feedback from Judge Kirsten McKenzie as SPUN OUT! picks up its first laurel. "If a television network doesn't pick this up and run with a limited season, then they are missing out on a sure thing." Love it!


Wish wins in Italy

'The film about a play that never was' is again selected, this time in France at the Nice International Film Festival. Now, one of the final eleven scripts, our fingers are crossed for WISH.


Wish feature script secures its first selection

Huge celebrations here at Forte Films as the very first script is selected on its first outing! We wish WISH all success to progress in the Jaipur International Film Festival.  May this be the first of many laurels!

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